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Nestled within the tranquil expanse of South West Michigan, the Twin Doves residence offers a serene retreat. Embraced by the quietude of a rural, partially wooded setting, our home provides a haven of solace, while remaining conveniently proximate to urban centers for medical requirements and recreational opportunities. Compliant with regulations and licensed by the state, Twin Doves comprises six private rooms within its abode. Situated in Bangor, our coed facility caters to residents with developmental disabilities and mental illness, ensuring a supportive environment. Smoking and non-smoking zones are delineated to accommodate preferences.

Delight in the nourishment of three daily, wholesome cooked meals, with the added choice for residents to curate their own selections. Twin Doves accommodates special dietary needs, prioritizing individual well-being. Our dedicated staff assists with laundry and housekeeping, with external beautician and barber services conveniently available. Weather permitting, transportation and outings are organized three days a week, enhancing community engagement.

Twin Doves maintains vigilant 24-hour supervision, with at least one staff member present around the clock to ensure resident safety and comfort. Our team members are extensively trained to operate in accordance with state licensing standards. Residents receive comprehensive assistance spanning personal care, goal pursuit, treatment plans, and behavior management, all provided by the proficient Twin Doves team. These goals encompass various aspects, including but not limited to daily life activities, community integration, and fostering skills for independent living. Upholding a steadfast code of ethics, Twin Doves staff members consistently treat residents with the utmost dignity and respect. With over 21 years of experience in Adult Foster Care provision, we've cultivated an environment finely attuned to the nuanced needs and emotions of those under our care.



48617 36th Avenue Bangor, MI 49013





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